complete TO GO lunch for $ 7.99
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Delicious, Nutritious and Fast Pronto Meals!


How to order Pronto Lunch to go ?

1. Create an account and order online (Coming soon)
2. Pick up your order
3. Enjoy

 Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp Tacos

We have your lunch covered! Simply pick one of our set Pronto Meals To Go Sets and we will include a yeast roll and a soft drink.

Your lunch is only a few minutes away!


Golden fried chicken

Golden, crispy deliciousness!

Meatloaf HR.jpg

moist home style meatloaf

Homemade perfection.


Yeast rolls

Baked fresh daily in our bakery. Golden and fluffy, irresistible! 


Home style mac & cheese

The Mac Daddy!


Baked fish

Flavorful and baked to perfaction